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Coorga International Trading Ltd. started out as a premiere international trader of domestic consumables. In particular we focused on Food & Beverages, baby needs such as Diapers & Apparel as well as Household Supplies.

We have since evolved from those early beginnings to become a full fledge manufacturer and distributor of our own branded products. Our products can be found in pharmacies, supermarkets and C-stores across Canada and the USA.

While Coorga may not be a household name, undoubted you have used or know someone who have used our products. We specialize in products that solve real-world problems or give a unique view on the everyday. The hallmarks of a Coorga brand are: uniqueness, category leadership and reasonably priced.

Uniqueness, Category Leadership, Reasonably Priced

  • We at Coorga believe that our products must be unique and provide real value to our consumers. You will not find us introducing a product into a category that is saturated unless we have introduced a real category changing improvement. Uniqueness is our call sign.
  • Category leadership; we pride ourselves on introducing new products into the mass-retail channels that gives retailers and there category managers a challenge in figuring out in what category to place our brands. This is because our products are usually the first of its kind to be introduced into those retail channels.
  • Our consumers mean the world to us and as such we not only provide real value through the satisfaction derived from using our brands, but we also provide these benefits at a reasonable price point. In line with this credo, Coorga keeps a keen eye on its production processes, constantly weeding itself of inefficient production techniques and as a result delivering great pricing to our customers.